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digital orde display screen

Moog Otis (Order Display Screen)

Elevate your restaurant’s customer experience with Moog Otis (order display screen).

This advanced order progress screen meticulously monitors every order in real-time, following your bespoke order flow. From the moment an order is received, through each stage—oven, expo station, boxing, to the final “ready” status—each phase is tracked with precision. Guests are kept in the loop through vivid visual displays and timely SMS updates, providing a transparent view of their order’s journey to completion.

With Moog Otis, reassure your customers with transparency and watch their satisfaction grow as they eagerly anticipate their “Order Up” moment.

menu boards

Moog Menu (Live Menu Boards)

Bring a fresh vibe to your restaurant with Moog Menu boards: dynamic, digital, and seamlessly integrated with your POS system. Update prices, titles, descriptions, and manage stock effortlessly.

Designed for universal compatibility, they fit any screen, any size, and are instantly compatible with Heartland Restaurant POS – and likely your current system too. For integration queries, reach out to integrations@moogx.ai.

More than just a tool, our digital menu boards enhance your restaurant’s character. With an intuitive interface, customize every aspect to reflect your unique brand, making menu management both sophisticated and simple with Moog Menu boards.

moog menu box

Moog Box (3rd Party Integration Engine)

Say goodbye to unnecessary hardware and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Moog Box, where every feature is designed with your restaurant’s success in mind.

Elevate your restaurant’s efficiency with the Moog Box, the innovative solution that streamlines your operations.

By integrating directly with third-party applications, Moog Box eliminates the need for cluttered counter space and cumbersome tablets. Seamlessly connect with POS systems, inventory management, and dynamic pricing tools without the hassle of duplicate order entries.

This powerful integration not only saves valuable counter space but also simplifies your workflow, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

pizza delivery driver screen with man pointing at. screen

Moog Driver (Delivery & Dispatch)

Improve your delivery experience with MoogX Delivery & Dispatch. Your guests are now fully engaged with their order every step of the way.  

  1. Order Received
  2. Driver Assignment
  3. Driver Introduction
  4. Follow my driver: Live driver mapping link
  5. Automatic arrival notice

No more complaints: “Where is my driver”; “How much longer”.  Guests receive realtime sms text transaction notifications at each order progress tier.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

“My Moog Otis order display screen from MoogX is AWESOME! Now, when customers enter the store, they immediately see their order and what stage their order is in:

  1. ‘Order Received,’
  2. ‘In the Oven,’
  3. ‘Boxing,’
  4. ‘Ready.’

The guest can also see how many orders are currently in the store. This means the customer realizes that they are in a queue and becomes more patient, knowing that other tickets are in front of them. Consequently, they don’t keep asking, ‘What is taking so long?’ or ‘Where is my order?’ Arghhhh!

For sure, this has helped ease the wait during our busy times and keeps our staff focused on what is in front of them. The Order Display Screen automatically tracks orders based on KDS bumps and definitely improves the guest walk-in experience.”

Rob Beard

Townies Pizzeria

“As the owner of a four-store micro-chain, my time is valuable. And now with Moog Menu, my customer facing menu changes are quick and easy right from my Heartland Restaurant POS Dashboard. Price changes, menu item titles, and descriptions are now synced with my POS. It’s one less thing I need to worry about, which lets me stay focused on what’s most important: making great food and providing first-class customer service.”

katy dougherty tasty's fresh burders owner image
Katy Dougherty

Tasty’s Fresh Burgers

We are greatful for MoogX (formerly PingMeTech) for seeing our vision and stepping in with a great product, customer service and affordable pricing. Thank you Matt

Imge of Gerry's Cafe digital menu boards

Gerry’s Cafe

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